Man of Character

Darin Wainscott – A Man of Character
Many years ago, upon a routine driver’s license renewal, Darin had made the decision to be an organ donor so that he could help save the lives of others if ever possible. This is the depth of character for which we honor Darin and his story.

On February 27, 2013, Darin (age 42), loving husband and father of two children, suffered a sudden and massive brain stem aneurysm at work. They rushed him to the hospital in Kansas City where the doctors quickly determined that the sudden, severe bleeding to his brain stem had caused irreversible damage. The doctors futher noted that they would need to allow 24 hours to pass to see if there, by chance or a miracle, would be any improvement. Late morning on February 28, 2013, Darin was officially pronounced brain dead.

It was at that time, Midwest Transplant Network team stepped in, and the process began to prepare his body for the organ donation surgery with a Rosary tucked secretly in his hand, they took him. It was assured that while the procedure was taking place, there was an air of reverence for this brave donor. The physicians, knowing that time was of the essence, were very respectful of Darin and of the decision he made to save the lives of others.

Darin’s selfless act saved the lives of at least 4 people and 2 people the gift of sight. His heart receipent is a 46 year old man from the Midwest who has farmed his whole life and is the father of 5 kids. This Spring Annie received an “update” letter from the Midwest Transplant Network. They were happy to inform her that this gentleman is doing well and is back to work as a teacher and has been enjoying his work on the farm.

One of his lungs went to a 60 year old woman from Northern U.S. who was suffering from a severe respiratory disease. She was also happy to report that she was doing well and is now able to live a more active life. She shared a message with us – “Tell them I live with gratitude daily.”

His liver and one of his kidneys were donated to a 62 year old man from the Midwest who was suffering from liver and kidney failure. This recipient has reported that his new liver is functioning well however he struggled with antibody issues and sadly, his new kidney has ceased to function. He is receiving dialysis and has been placed back on the list for a new kidney. He has returned to work and is grateful that Darin’s gifts have allowed him to grow stronger and healthier.

His other kidney and pancreas went to a 56 year old man from the Midwest who had also been suffering from organ failure. This final, lucky recipient just had a check-up at his transplant center and his medical team was very pleased with his recovery. Prior to his transplant , he was a pilot but had to give up his license due to his diabetes. With the gift of a new pancreas, he is no longer diabetic and is working to regain his license so he can return to his love of flying.

Someday we hope to either hear from or meet these very lucky people, who Darin is allowed to live on through. Until then, we feel proud to share his story and remember Darin as a man of character. He gave so much of himself in life and even in death.

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