Kalee Chandler

Kalee Grace Chandler was born June 9, 2003 at St. Joseph Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri to Wade and Kacey Chandler. Her siblings include older sister, Allie and younger brother, Jake.

Kalee, well, she was Kalee. Small but full of spunk. No matter what she did, she gave it 100% and everything was a competition. It didn’t matter if it was basketball, barrel racing, getting the best math score or catching the biggest fish. She was going to win no matter what strings she had to pull. She just had that natural ability to do just about anything. She was an A student, didn’t like to read and would let you know that. She had so much energy the teachers would go have her “walk the halls” a couple times to just settle down. She was just full of life. She loved being on the basketball court every chance she could get. Even between games and time outs you would see her out there shooting baskets and wouldn’t stop until the refs would make her. She had a connection with about every ref she came in contact with. Somehow she would talk her talk with them and they would be laughing at her by the time the game was over. And she had to have the last shot of the game. Even if she would be told to pass it, she would watch the clock and wait for the final second, step out to the three point line and shoot. At school and in between games you would often see Kalee playing basketball with the boys as well as the girls, this group of kids often referred to themselves as The Squad.

Kalee started barrel racing at the age of five on her Dad’s roping horse, Sarrley and won several buckles and a saddle running barrels. Kalee was truly the happiest at home on the farm doing what farm kids do. Taking care of her animals, hunting, fishing, riding her mini bike. (Ecclesiastes 9:10-She did everything with all she had even til the last minute.)

Kalee’s story was altered May 23, 2016 through a very freak accident which changed the lives of so very many people. In the time since Kalee’s passing many have made the realization that Kalee was wise beyond her years through her actions, relationships and philosophies on life. Kalee invested 100% of her efforts on whatever she was involved in at that moment. She was essentially fearless, she could not be intimidated by her competitor even if they were more than twice her size.

Six more lives were also changed forever by Kalee through the selfless gift of organ donation.

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