A Donor Legacy: The Never-Ending Story 2015 Donate Life Parade Float

gfl_floraEven donation of organs, eyes and tissues begins an inspiring story that lives on forever.  In their passing, deceased donors open up a world of health, sight and mobility to people in need, while the gifts form living donors release family members, friends and even strangers to live more fully.  Grateful transplant recipients are freed to contribute to their families, communities and future generations.  Through its endless power to save, heal and transform lives, organ, eye and tissue donation is truly The Never-Ending Story.

The 2015 Donate Life Rose Parade Float entry featured 60 beautiful butterflies – one for each life that can be transformed by a single deceased donor – emerging from an open book.  The butterflies ascend above 72 volumes adorned with floragraph portraits of deceased donors whose legacies are nurtured by their loved ones.  Walking alongside the float were 12 living organ donors whose stores have become intertwined with those of their recipients.  Seated among thousands of dedicated roses were 30 riders representing transplant recipients who celebrate the new chapters of their lives made possible only by the generosity of donors.

gfl_floatThis year Darin Wainscott’s floragraph was on the 2015 Donate Life Rose Parade Float, which honored him as an organ donor.  His legacy lives on through the Giving Fore Living Foundation, which supports donation awareness and local causes.

umstattdcA Donor Legacy: The Never-Ending Story 2015 Donate Life Parade Float